Richard Berthold

Reudnitz near Leipsic 1854 – Leipsic 1914

Son of a draughtsman and china painter Berthold graduated as woodcutter after an initial apprenticeship in Leipsic in the then leading Adolf Closs studio in Stuttgart. Already in 1879 he was appointed professorship for woodcut at the Royal Academy for Graphic Arts & Book-Trade in Leipsic, where he – not least on the basis of his knowledge of the East Asian color woodcut – developed especially the tone cut technique “of which he is considered as the pioneer in Leipsic … in the reproduction cuts (he developed)

a  rare  perfection  and  independent  hand ”

(Volker Frank, Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon X [1995], p. 72).

“ The map was packaged very well and I am impressed about your professionally too. I look forward to having business with you again ”

(Sign. S. B. F., June 26, 2004)