Andries van Eertvelt, Marine with Papal Galleon
Marine with Papal Galleon

Andries van Eertvelt

1590 Antwerp 1652

“ E. is the eldest of the Flemish marine painters of the 17th century … He is not so much the forerunner of the known family Peeters flowering about 1650 but a straggler of Bruegel’s seascape painting, particularly in the exaggerations of the wave drawing. Especially in the early works of the 20s the endeavor asserted to make the horrors of violent storms and shipwrecks as vivid as possible … A dull grey green with heavily darkened parts is the prevailing color, of which the little figures stand out (Flemish) colorfully. – Later, however, apparently after the Italian journey (1627/30), he prefers quiet views of southern harbors with their brisk activity ”

(Fred C. Willis in Thieme-Becker X [1914], 316 f.)

„ Wegen der Eile – das Werk soll Anfang nächster Woche verschenkt werden – würden wir Kurierdienst bevorzugen … Der guten Ordnung halber hier unsere Bestätigung, dass Ihr Paket … wohlbehalten bei uns eingetroffen ist … Wir würden die Verpackung ungern öffnen, weil das gute Stück gleich wieder auf Reisen gehen soll … “

(Herr F. R., 29. Aug./2. Sep. 2013)