Christian Friedrich Gille

Ballenstedt 1805 – Dresden-Friedrichstadt 1899

“ 1827-30 studio pupil with the Norwegian painter Johann Christian Clausen Dahl … From the early 1830s he turned to lithography, learned this technique supposedly from Ludwig Theodor Zöllner. G. reproduced portraits, paintings, and landscapes; 1848 participating with 13 lithographs at Die maler. Ufer der Saale … regarded … meanwhile as one of the most important Dresden Romanesque landscape painters (and) as co-founder of an unsentimental, realistic landscape painting … A generous and pictorial hand, short, fast strokes and an impastoed, richly structured painting technique, show G.’s individual and unconventional painting view. Because of the treatment of color nuances and the light (especially with evening and autumn moods) as well as the ability of abstraction G. is seen as forerunner of impressionistic painting. His art acted as stimulant for the young Adolph Menzel and Ferdinand von Rayski ”

(Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon LIV, 148).

„ bereits heute ist der Stahlstich der Harfe spielende Dame wohlbehalten bei mir angekommen und übertrifft meine Erwartungen weit. Als Berufsharfenistin werde ich sicher viel Freude an dem Bild haben. Mit ganz herzlichem Dank und freundlichen Grüßen “

(Frau C. K., 6. August 2016)