Johannes Heinrich Valerius Graf

Fraustadt, Posen, 1837 – Bad Landeck, Silesia, 1917

Came to Rome late 1863 where he worked under the direction of Karl Lindemann-Frommel. 1873 & 1878 in Rome again, however, 1881 he had to leave the city following an altercation.

“ In the years of study and shortly afterwards Graf drew heads, animal studies, robed figures, nudes, figurative compositions … did travel sketches with landscapes, town views, architectural motifs, and genre scenes … Later ‘his artistic course (led him) from the brown manner of the Munich studio via the classicism of the Deutsch-Römer to a naturalism (after 1870) trained at Courbet, from which he, consequently and apart from the great world,

evolved  independently  to  an  impressionist ’ ”

(Piotr Łukaszewicz in Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon LX [2008], quoting from W. Born, Schlesische Monatshefte 2 [1925], 521 s.).

„ Ihre Schriften der (ridinger handlung niemeyer) Nr. 25 ist ein wundervolles Kompendium. Ich danke Ihnen diesmal besonders für die Sendung und bin sehr froh, die Zusammenstellung zu haben … “

(Herr G. K., 25. Dezember 2011)