Carl Heinrich Rahl

Hoffenheim 1779 – Vienna 1843

Both stipple and line engraver and etcher, since 1799 at Vienna, where he became professor at the academy in 1840, followed by the same appointment at Florence in 1842. Member of the Vienna Academy of Arts already since 1815 the title of a Chamber Copper-Engraver was bestowed on him in 1829. His œuvre comprises more than 500 works, among them especially the 50-sheet set after Hogarth mentioned by Nagler under no. 36 and by Vallentin in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (vol. LIII, pp. 189 f.) with the note, for the artist himself this work was “most instructive”.

—  therefore  see  under  William  Hogarth  —

“ … that I have received the parcel in good order. Very well and professional packed indeed. The litho of Mourot is according to my expectations. The drawing is rare. Colouring most probably same time … ”

(Mr. P. v. d. W., June 26, 2003)