Anselm Schmitz

1831/39 – 1903

Landscape photographer, since 1869 domiciled in Cologne. Changes “under the influence of canon Alexander Schnütgen, collector of ecclesiastical art and later founder of the Schnütgen Museum, to documentary photography” (Roswitha Neu-Kock, On the Beginnings of Documentary Photography at Cologne), for whom he photographs parts of his collection in 1883/84. Receives 1880 the bronze exhibition medal “for photographic reproductions and photos of landscape and architecture” of the Dusseldorf Industrial and Art Exhibition and becomes Royal Court Photographer the other year.

„ … Ich habe in Ihrer ‚Thienemann-Online‘-Seite eine für mich sehr wichtige Information gefunden, die mich wahrscheinlich in einer Dresdner Fotografenforschung weiterbringt … “

(Frau R. R., 24. Januar 2014)