Bohemian Krumau – Gojau – School Report for Joseph Bürger, pupil of the second grade of the trivial (elementary) school at Gojau. Executed in German writing Gojau May 4, 1818. Fol. 1 page on double sheet. With seal and signatures of Jakob Veinhuber (?), parson, and Franz Freybmuth (?), schoolmaster.

Watermark Large Double Eagle with Crown. – 1 horizontal and 2 vertical folds. – Religion – mark entered by the parson – , German, Latin, calligraphy, and all other subjects each marked as “good”:

School Report for Joseph Bürger, Elementary School at Gojau, Bohemia

“ Joseph Bürger, pupil of the second grade in the trivial school at Gojau, has attended school regularly, behaved very well in his manners, and learned the prescribed subjects as follows … He therefore deserves to be set into the first grade. ”

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