Bohemian Krumau – Beneschau – School and Religion Report for Johann Mahr (?). Executed in German writing at the vicarage of Beneschau (?) June 17, 1821. Fol. 1 page on double sheet. With the vicar’s seal and signature.

Large typograph. watermark “Krumau N. 5.” – Smoothed out horizontal and 3 only barely perceptible vertical folds.

School + Religion Report for Johann Mahr, Beneschau, Bohemia

“ Executor testifies herewith; that in his earlier years Johann Mahr … has attended the trivial (elementary) and the 1st grammar grades very regularly … but also regularly attended the repetition lesson on Sundays and holidays and always distinguished himself by his well-behaved, quiet, and decent manners. ”

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