Budweis?  Isn’t  that … ?

Exactly.  A  Budweis … School-Report

Budweis – Report by the elementary school at Bohemian-Budweis for Bernard Krumbholz, pupil of the fourth grade. Printed form filled in in German writing. Executed Bohemian-Budweis April 9, 1827. Fol. 1 page. With the school’s paper seal and the signature of director Lugert Trink (?).

Typograph. watermark. – Utterly smoothed out horizontal and 2 vertical folds, rather feeble crease-traces. – On the back note of two lines by old hand.

Report by the Elementary School at Bohemian-Budweis for Bernard Krumbholz

“ By the elementary school at Bohemian=Budweis is testified herewith, that Krumbholz Bernard, pupil of the fourth grade, 1st age-class was well-behaved, and has learned the prescribed subjects as follows … This pupil therefore deserves to be set into the first grade. ”

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„ herzlichen Dank für die rasche und ausführliche Behandlung meiner Anfrage. Ich bestelle hiermit beide o. a. Gebote … bin ich auch mit Vorauszahlung einverstanden “

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