Report for Jacob Grübl for Attendance of Sunday School, Hohenfurt, Bohemia

Bohemian Krumau – Hohenfurt – Report for Jacob Grübl for the attendance of the Sunday school. Executed in German writing Marktschule Hohenfurt September 26, 1829. Sm. fol. 1 page. With seals and signatures of Alois Schiller, parson, and Johann Gruber (?), schoolmaster.

Typograph. watermark J V. – Smoothed out horizontal and 2 vertical folds barely perceptible anymore. – On the back note of two lines by old hand.

“ Report Jacob Grübl, as presenter of this, has regularly attended the school here on Sundays for the repetition of the subjects: religion, reading, writing, and arithmetic according to highest order; and with respect to the manners has behaved very well. ”

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„ soeben wurde die (Ridinger-)Gams zugestellt - unversehrt. Herzlichen Dank für die prompte und professionelle Abwicklung “

(Herr G. R., 29. Juli 2016)