« Now he only draws anymore.
For him that is the essential form of art
for it comes closer to the being of things. »

Leopoldo Mabilleau in Sandro Piantanida + Constantino Baroni (ed.),
Leonardo da Vinci, 2nd ed., c. 1940



Sketches — Illustration Designs

from 5 Centuries

Johann Elias Ridinger, Upper Horse Jaw
Intimate Cabinet Drawing of the Jolles Collection :
Johann Elias Ridinger
An Old Horse’s Upper Jaw-Bone as seen from Below

„ Als kleinen Dank für Ihre immer mit großer Freude und ebensolchem Interesse entgegengenommenen stets neuen Ridinger-Informationen anbei … “

(Herr T. L., 19. Dezember 2014)