Monogramist WHL. Stag Hunt. Stag of 12 points in full flight attacked by 6 hounds. Charcoal drawing. (18)34. Ligated monogrammed and dated. 16 × 21½ in (406 × 545 mm).

Very  fine  sheet  of  great  dynamics  and  atmosphere

on laid paper with unidentified watermark. – With few little folds, unimportantly, too, the longitudinal fold in the left margin, mounted on thin grey cardboard.

Offer no. 11,239 / sold

“ It came!  My plate [already documented as lost] was delivered and it is in excellent condition. I cannot explain all of the delays or what happened. It is in the original packaging that you described and it was delivered by DHL, not the postal service (as  far as I can tell – it was left on the porch [!!]). So thank you and so glad that this long story has such a nice ending. It was nice dealing with you, thank you for the plate! ”

(Mrs. J. C., May 8, 2010)