Riesenthal, O(skar). von. Jagd-Lexikon. Manual for hunters and friends of the hunt with special consideration of the natural history and the preservation of the game. With 123 (?) illustrations in wood engraving. Leipsic, Bibliographisches Institut, 1882. pp. III-VI, 512 pp. Contemp. marbled h. leather.

Riesenthal, Jagd-Lexikon

Sarkowski, Bibl. Inst. 12, 33; Mantel I, 146. – First edition (a completely revised 2nd one was published 1916). – Replacing Hartig’s Lexikon für Jäger und Jagdfreunde and besides the noble hunt especially dealing with the small hunt and trapping and the scientific aspect. – Pp. 397-400 table of closed season, pp. 509-12 biographic index of authors. – Without half-title & pp. 513-20 (battue and par force hunt signals). Pp. III-VI more agemarked. Here and there foxing, only occasionally, particularly at the beginning and to the end somewhat stronger. – Number on title. Binding rubbed and bumped.

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Riesenthal, Jagd-Lexikon

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