Population of the Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds, Population of the. Setting out of the rabbits, driven up in several baskets, in the district, to the joy of both the master as his hound. Wood engraving by Jules Huyot (Toulouse 1841 – Eaubonne 1921) after Henri Télory (Strasbourg 1820 – 1874/75). (1873.) Inscribed: Telory / Huyot, otherwise in German as above. 9 × 12⅜ in (23 × 31.4 cm). – In the white margin faintly age-spotted.

“ Now it was three days they had seen neither wood nor field. Since three days they had been driven around in cases and boxes, shaken and jogged that they did not know what hit them. Every time the jogging and shaking stopped they thought now the deliverance would come, but there was nothing but more jogging and shaking … ‘Prr’, cried the gamekeeper and the horse stood. The top of the box was opened, a rough fist gripped in, seized one rabbit by one, and then the three flew helter-skelter into the heather. One moment they just sat … then each one doubled and disappeared in the high heath. After them sounded the gamekeeper’s laughter … ”

(Hermann Löns, The Immigrants).

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“ Subject: Thanks!

Thanks for your kind reply. I wanted to comment that your thoughts on freedom (the quote that you had on the end of your message to me) are exactly the same as my beliefs.

I write, however, because I was surprised to get it from Europe … Although an American, almost all my early family were Huguenots … In fact, my relative, Jan C. is noted as the earliest C. to have arrived in N. America (in 1636, I think) … ”

(Mrs. C. F., November 14, 2003)


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