Alpine Hunt

Alpine Hunt, On the. The hunters – one with telescope – in front of alpine scenery, getting over a crevasse. Wood engraving by Richard Illner (1831 Leipsic 1895) after the monogramist T(F?)H. (1873.) 6¾ × 9 in (17.3 × 23 cm). – Isolated slight foxing spots in the white margin wide on three sides.

Illners “main work are the woodcuts for Brehm’s ‘Animal Life’ … belonged to the pioneers for the wood engraving in Germany. Besides the line technique … he preferred the toned reproduction which he also made popular” (Thieme-Becker XVIII, 572).

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„ … Toll, die Verbindung der Kunst mit berühmten Männern der Geschichte. Dazu die qualitative Aufmachung … “

(Frau U. K., 2. Januar 2010)


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