Aquila Arpia. Vultur Arpya

Most common throughout Brazil , Heraldic Bird of Panama

The Harpy ,
Brazil’s Gavião-Real or Royal Hawk

Largest & Most Powerful Raptor in the Americas

Eagle – Aquila Arpia. Vultur Arpya. The mighty harpy with a hunted antelope (?) in the claws on tropically overgrown glade in front of a rock. Watercolored chalk lithograph. C. 1870. 12½ × 8⅜ in (31.6 × 21.4 cm).

Impression before the inscriptions of artist & lithographer below the subject and before the removal of the dash within the title. – With dry stamp “Raimondo Petraroja Librajo / Enciclopedia d’istruzione / e di / educacione” in the lower margin. There also a small faint tidemark and some little fox spots. – Backed tear in the white margin left above.

Offer no. 11,638 / EUR  189. (c. US$ 218.) + shipping

„ Ich bedanke mich für die schnelle und gründliche Art der Erledigung meiner Wünsche … “

(Herr E. S., 22. Januar 2000)


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