Arago, Jacques. Souveniers d’un aveugle. Voyage autour du Monde. Chasses. – Drames. Edition enrichie de 15 dessins. With

15  lithographed  plates

by Nicolas Maurin (Perpignan 1799 – Paris 1850; Thiébaud 827 contrary to the signatures here as by Victor Adam) after the author. Paris, Delloye, 1840. Large 8vo. 2 ll., title, VII, 410 pp., contents. H. leather on 4 ribs with marbled fly-leaves and gilt back. Paled marbled edges.

Schwerdt I, 41 (this edition); Souhart 16; Nagler I, 152 (Arago) + VIII, 478 (Maurin); Thieme-Becker II, 53 (Arago). – Binding rubbed and especially the corners of the front board pushed. – Except for single almost untouched quires now more, then less foxing, margins partially browned. The partly also affected plates mostly evenly browned. – 2 plates trimmed for oversize up to the printer’s address with loss of the title, but without affecting the image. Acceptable for use as reading copy.

Arago (Estagel near Perpignan 1790 – Paris 1855), “a skilled draughtsman” (Nagler) and “witty, not ministerial friend” Alexander v. Humboldt’s – so this in a letter to H. Dubois – , accompanied Freyeinet 1817-20 on a voyage around the world. Its 4-volume description, richly illustrated by himself, was published in 1824. The present volume admittedly supplementing that series, but – also thematically – completely consistent in itself, treating and illustrating the hunting reminiscences of that voyage . Among these hunts on bison, polar bear, lion, tiger, panther, kangaroo, and elephant, but also snake and crocodile hunts and a fight between tiger + lion.

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