Samuel Howitt, Rhinoceros

Howitt, Samuel (1756 – Somers Town 1822). Le Rhinocéros. (Anecdote of Hunters & Rhinocerous.) Killing two horses whose riders searched rescue on trees. Aquatint by Henri Merke (Niederweningen, canton Zurich, c. 1760 – after 1820) in the  original  coloring. (1813.) Inscribed: 9. / Le Rhinocéros. 7⅝ × 9⅜ in (19.3 × 23.7 cm).

(Tooley 224, 9.) – (FOREIGN FIELD SPORTS L.) – Impression for a French edition not provable here without (before?) all other letters whose numbering corresponding with that mentioned by Tooley 224 for the English 1st edition published and completed by Orme in London in 1814, but whose sheets in contrast to the one here are not numbered. – Schwerdt I (1928), 177 ff.: “The coloured plates … are fine, both as regards draughtsmanship and colouring … (The book) is sure to increase in value … ”.

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“ I am so impressed by your (riding) website and the collections you offer!

I know this is a great thing to ask of you, I am hoping that in our mutual respect of equestrian heritage you will oblige … ”

(Mrs. B. F., October 24, 2007)


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