“ Here … 1870  (the)  fruitless  peace  talks

between  Count  Bismarck  and  Jules  Favre  took  place ”

Ferrières, Les Chasses de. In the center of the picture the castle then already owned by the Rothschilds and the company departing with the ladies. Above pheasant hunt by the same, below pheasantry. Toned wood engraving by Jules Huyot (Toulouse 1841 – Eaubonne 1921). C. 1870. 12⅜ × 8½ in (31.5 × 21.6 cm).

Les Chasses de Ferrières

Important  sheet  for  various  historic  reasons :

First for the history of the hunt in regard of Henri Ferièrres as author of the oldest hunting book in French language, the Book of the Hunt of King Modus, not least famous for its illustrations, created about 1370.

On  Franco-German  past

as  contemporary  depiction , however ,

of the “splendid estate … (as) headquarter of the king of Prussia from Sep. 19 to Oct. 6, 1870. Here Sep. 19 and 20, 1870, fruitless peace talks between count Bismarck and Jules Favre took place” (Meyers Konvers.-Lex., 4th ed., VI [1889], 163/II).

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