Friedrich Happel, Herd of Fair Deer

6 x Wall-uniform  Red  Deer  by  an  Early  Consummate

“ did  as  Huntsman  most  Studies  from  Nature ”

Happel, Friedrich (Arnsberg 1825 – Dusseldorf 1854). Hunting Scenes from Original Drawings. Set of 6 sheet tinted lithographs by C. Diedrich in Arnsberg. Arnsberg, H. F. Grote, 1856. Large obl. fol. (sheet size c. 13⅜ × 16⅛-17⅜ in [34 × 41-44 cm]; image size incl. caption c. 10-10⅜ × 11-12 in [25.5-26.5 × 28-30.5 cm]). Inscribed: Gez. v. Fr(iedr). Happel / Lithographie, Druck &/u. Eigenthum v. C. Diedrich in Arnsberg / caption as below / In Commission bei H. F. Grote in Arnsberg. Loosely in green-blue orig. wrapper with vignette of a resting stag of odd 10 points. – Not in Schwerdt (1928).

Friedrich Happel, Hunting Scenes

The  due  to  an  inevitably  quite  scanty  œuvre

very  scarce  set

of A Herd of Deer moving to the WoodsA Herd of Fair DeerThe Rutting StagThe Stag at BayThe Falling StagThe Startled Hind with the Fawn .

“ Animal painter and etcher … (Happel) observed as passionate hunter … life and doings of all fair game … thoroughly and delineated it freshly and characteristically.

As  one  of  the  first  in  this  field

H.  holds  a  remarkable  place  in  the  Dusseldorf  school  of  painting ”

(Thieme-Becker XVI [1923], 17). And already 1891 Boetticher I/1, 484:

“ did  as  huntsman  most  studies  from  nature ”

On both sides of the subject’s lower edge each original pinhole from adjusting the tone plate. – The attractively designed wrapper slightly worn and laminated for general reinforcement on light acid-free carton.

Offer no. 15,828 / EUR  1380. / export price EUR  1311. (c. US$ 1585.) + shipping

Friedrich Happel, Rutting Stag Friedrich Happel, Stag at Bay Friedrich Happel, Hind with Fawn

“ Thank you Mr. Niemeyer, The prints (you have delivered two weeks ago) are being framed right now. My framer is very particular (works for the National Gallery … ) and I am having a perfect frame made for the large Ridinger (the imperial stag hunt Th. 67). Best regards ”

(Mr. J. R. L., November 19, 2003)


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