Friedrich Happel, Herd of Fair Deer

6 x Wall-uniform  Red  Deer  by  an  Early  Consummate

“ did  as  Huntsman  most  Studies  from  Nature ”

Happel, Friedrich (Arnsberg 1825 – Dusseldorf 1854). Hunting Scenes from Original Drawings. Set of 6 sheet tinted lithographs by C. Diedrich in Arnsberg. Arnsberg, H. F. Grote, 1856. Large obl. fol. (sheet size c. 13⅜ × 16⅛-17⅜ in [34 × 41-44 cm]; image size incl. caption c. 10-10⅜ × 11-12 in [25.5-26.5 × 28-30.5 cm]). Inscribed: Gez. v. Fr(iedr). Happel / Lithographie, Druck &/u. Eigenthum v. C. Diedrich in Arnsberg / caption as below / In Commission bei H. F. Grote in Arnsberg. Loosely in green-blue orig. wrapper with vignette of a resting stag of odd 10 points. – Not in Schwerdt (1928).

Friedrich Happel, Hunting Scenes

The  due  to  an  inevitably  quite  scanty  œuvre

very  scarce  set

of A Herd of Deer moving to the WoodsA Herd of Fair DeerThe Rutting StagThe Stag at BayThe Falling StagThe Startled Hind with the Fawn .

“ Animal painter and etcher … (Happel) observed as passionate hunter … life and doings of all fair game … thoroughly and delineated it freshly and characteristically.

As  one  of  the  first  in  this  field

H.  holds  a  remarkable  place  in  the  Dusseldorf  school  of  painting ”

(Thieme-Becker XVI [1923], 17). And already 1891 Boetticher I/1, 484:

“ did  as  huntsman  most  studies  from  nature ”

On both sides of the subject’s lower edge each original pinhole from adjusting the tone plate. – The attractively designed wrapper slightly worn and laminated for general reinforcement on light acid-free carton.

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Friedrich Happel, Rutting Stag Friedrich Happel, Stag at Bay Friedrich Happel, Hind with Fawn

„ vielen Dank für die schnelle Zusendung des Buches ‚Der Ahorn‘. Ich freue mich insbesondere, weil dieses Buch mein Opa geschrieben hat und es somit für mich eine große Bedeutung hat. Viele Grüße aus Berlin “

(Frau U. C., 7. Juni 2004)


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