Verordnung Ludwig (I.), Großherzog von Hessen, Herzog in Westphalen etc., über eine Neuorganisation des Postwesens in seinen Ländern. Gegeben Darmstadt 28. Juni 1807. O. O. u. Dr., (1807). Kl.-2°. 8, 1 unnum. Bll. Mit nebst L(oco) S(igilli)-Marke gedr. großherzogl. Unterschrift sowie der des Geheimen Referendars Lichtenberg. Geheftet.

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“ Subject: Thanks!

Thanks for your kind reply. I wanted to comment that your thoughts on freedom (the quote that you had on the end of your message to me) are exactly the same as my beliefs.

I write, however, because I was surprised to get it from Europe … Although an American, almost all my early family were Huguenots … In fact, my relative, Jan C. is noted as the earliest C. to have arrived in N. America (in 1636, I think) … ”

(Mrs. C. F., November 14, 2003)