Beer  Price  Defraudation  by  the  Landlords

“to  the  great  Damage  of  the  Brewers”

Decree of Charles I, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (1713-1780), prohibiting price harassing of the brewers by the landlords. Published Wolfenbüttel May 12, 1745. Without place & printer (1745). 12⅞ × 14⅝ in (32.8 × 37.2 cm). 1 page. With large woodcut initial. With the ducal signature printed together with the L(oco) S(igilli) mark and that of A. A. v. Cramm.

Decree against depressing beer prices

Framing-worthy  Broadsheet  meant  for  the  Billboards .

It can’t be true that “the landlords in the villages claim on the brewers in the towns to deduct three to four pence of the price of each half barrel, even deduct on payment … unauthorized (and thus) reduce the beer price at their pleasure”! – The decisive passage underlined by old hand in brown ink as well as a registration mark on the back of the same year. – The stitching margin mostly torn off, besides the centerfold another not disturbing vertical one. – Broad margins, with large watermark.

On Charles, nephew of the Emperor Charles VI, brother-in-law of Frederick the Great, founder of the Collegium Carolinum, governing since 1735, see ADB XV, 266 ff.

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