England – Northvmbria, Cvmberlandia, et Dvnelmensis Episcopatus. Map of Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Durhamshire. With richly decorated large title-cartouche and miles-indicator in mannerism ornament style. Coloured map engraving 1 : 600.000 by Gerard Mercator I (Rupelmonde 1512 – Duisburg 1594). 35.5 x 46.8 cm.

Mercator - Northumberland/Cumberland/Westmoreland/Durhamshire

Keuning 86; Koeman 91. – Posthumously published in 1595 and offered here from the 1630 Hondius edition, Koeman Me 29A. On the back the historical and geographical description in Latin. – Especially  fine . – NORTH ENGLAND from Middlesbrough to Berwick upon Tweed + SOUTH SCOTLAND .

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Mercator, Northumbria

“ … I was digging and I found you. I needed to tell you that your collection for whatever reason has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you … I’m not a collector, or I haven’t known myself to be … I was going to sell this (sheet), but I just may have discovered that I’m to keep this for whatever reason. Have you made a collector out of me … For all your devotion, hardwork … I thank you ”

(Mrs. D. H., June 17, 2002)