Hungary – Balkans – Etats Orienteaux de l’Empereur a partir de la Baviere et de la Boheme. With title + 5fold miles indicator in respective simple cartouches. Map of the eastern parts of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy by Edme Mentelle (1730-1815, historiographer of the count of Artois) in engraving by P. F. Tardieu (i. e. Antoine François Tardieu L’Estrapade, 1757 Paris 1822). (1788.) 14⅛ × 18½ in (35.8 × 47 cm).

Worked “pour l’Ouvrage intitulé: De la Monarchie Prussienne”. – Center piece is Hungary with Budapest in the left center field. In the right very finely Transylvania with Gros-Vardein , Colosvar ou Clausenbourg , Ceben ou Hermanstadt . – Limited by the Gulf of Trieste – Salzburg – Pilsen – Breslau – Black Sea .

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(Mr. J. R. L., June 11, 2004)