Venetum, Dominum, cum adjacentibus Mediolan, Mantuano, Mutinesi, Miran, Dolano, Parmensi, Placentino Ducatibus nova Delineatione. Large title-cartouche surrounded by 6 coats of arms and legend and mile indicator cartouche with potentate accompanied by Hermes + Mars with shield and cornucopia. Further compass card and some small ships. Colored map engraving by Matthäus Seutter I (1678-1757) in Augsburg. 19½ × 22⅝ in (49.5 × 57.5 cm).

From the Seutter edition Vienna 1736. – Cartouches in black & white as a frequent characteristic of old coloured atlases. – Lower left a backed marginal tear minimally touching the edge of the map. – With the Gulf of Trieste including Trieste and the western half of Istria up to Montona & Waxenstein, otherwise up to Urbino – Florence – Massa/Tuscany – Rapallo – Bergamo – Merano – Sterzing – Villach – Jaunstein – Krainburg – Adelsberg. – At the edge still Tyrol . – Lower right the Republic of San Marino. – With  road  net.

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“ Subject: Thanks!

Thanks for your kind reply. I wanted to comment that your thoughts on freedom (the quote that you had on the end of your message to me) are exactly the same as my beliefs.

I write, however, because I was surprised to get it from Europe … Although an American, almost all my early family were Huguenots … In fact, my relative, Jan C. is noted as the earliest C. to have arrived in N. America (in 1636, I think) … ”

(Mrs. C. F., November 14, 2003)