Beaumont, Sir Albanis. Chart of places connected with the Route from Venice to Fussen in Swabia. Map of the tour through the  Rhaetian  Alps  Sir Albanis took in 1786. Engraving by C. Apostool (?). (1792.) 17⅞ × 12⅝ in (45.3 × 32 cm).

Route from Venice to Swabia

Impression on buff paper with large watermark from the 1st edition of Beaumont’s work of views engraved by Apostool (1762 Amsterdam 1844), first director of the museum at Amsterdam.

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“ … I was digging and I found you. I needed to tell you that your collection for whatever reason has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you … I’m not a collector, or I haven’t known myself to be … I was going to sell this (sheet), but I just may have discovered that I’m to keep this for whatever reason. Have you made a collector out of me … For all your devotion, hardwork … I thank you ”

(Mrs. D. H., June 17, 2002)