France. With Corsica. Title-cartouche with signs and symbols and miles indicator as well as list of the 86 départements. Map after Friedrich Wilhelm Streit (Ronneburg, Thuringia, 1772 – Berlin 1839) drawn by W. v. Möllendorf. Steel engraving colored in outline for Natorff & Comp., Berlin. (1833/37.) 9 × 10⅞ in (22.8 × 27.7 cm).

France with Corsica

Up to Dunkirk – Gent – Maastricht – Aix-la-Chapelle – the Rhine from Cologne to Basle – Lucerne – Neuchâtel – Berne – Aosta – Turin – Oneglia – Perpignan – Pamplona – St. Sebastian . The southern English coast from Dover to Falmouth/Landsend . Beside Corsica still Elba in outline. – With designation of naval and ordinary harbors as well as the navigability for large and small crafts resp. – Several places inconspicuously underlined with pencil.

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