Chinese Betel Vendor

Alexander, William (Maidstone, Kent, 1767 – Rocky Hill, Maidstone, 1816). A man selling betel. Sitting at a table preparing more of the common southern Chinese stimulant already on display in a greater number. Colored aquatint. Inscribed: Published Jany. 1814, by J. Murray, Albemarle Street. 6⅝ × 9⅜ in (16.7 × 23.8 cm).

„ The practise of smoking tobacco is not more common, at least in the southern provinces of China, than that of chewing the areca nut, mixed with chunam, or lime made of shells, and wrapped up in a leaf of the betel pepper. “

Rare , very charming representation by Alexander having been in Beijing himself as a member of Lord Macartney’s embassy.

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