Slovakian from the District of KaschauFemale Slovakian from the District of Kaschau

Slovakian & Female Slovakian from the District of Kaschau. Young couple in Sunday dress. He standing to the left before corn field, she sitting to the left in the kitchen. 2 sheet. Colored wood engravings – Sheet 2 slightly heightened in silver – by/at Richard Henkel in Leipsic after Paul Thumann (Groß-Tzschacksdorf/Lower Lusatia 1834 – Berlin 1908). (1881.) Inscribed: PThumann (18)76 / R. Henkel XA, otherwise in German as above & below. 7½-7⅝ × 4⅛-4½ in (19-19.3 × 10.5-10.8 cm). – Lipperheide Ad 46. – SHEETS FOR COSTUME KNOWLEDGE NEW SERIES 111/12 – Fine pendants.

Offer no. 15,375 / EUR  118. (c. US$ 136.) + shipping

“ I am so impressed by your (riding) website and the collections you offer!

I know this is a great thing to ask of you, I am hoping that in our mutual respect of equestrian heritage you will oblige … ”

(Mrs. B. F., October 24, 2007)