Female Walachian from Orsova, Hungary

Walachian from the Maros (Arad) / Female Walachian from Rustkitza and Orsova resp., (Hungary). Standing to the right and left resp. & from front before landscape (2, one of which also with lake) and village setting resp. He with long pole & broad-brimmed hat. 3 sheet. Colored wood engravings by/at Richard Henkel in Leipsic after Paul Thumann (Groß-Tzschacksdorf/Lower Lusatia 1834 – Berlin 1908). (1876/81.) Inscribed: PThumann (18)76 / R. Henkel sc (pl. 3), otherwise in German as above & below. 7⅛-7⅜ × 4⅞ in (18-18.7 × 12.5 cm).

(Hungary) Walachian from the Maros (Arad), HungaryFemale Walachian from Rustkitza, Hungary

Lipperheide Ad 46. – SHEETS FOR COSTUME KNOWLEDGE NEW SERIES 53/54 & 136. – Charming set of three. – Sheet 1 with faint vertical fold at the center (perceptible in the white field only) & in the subject’s right margin, sheet 2 with somewhat stronger vertical fold in the far right of the subject.

Offer no. 15,378 / EUR  135. (c. US$ 156.) + shipping

“ Stumbled upon your excellent website while researching Ludwig Beckmann, and must say that I was most impressed. In any case, since you are the closest I know to an authority on antique German books and prints I am wondering if you could help me pinpoint the origin of a piece I have in my dachshund collection … ”

(Mr. & Mrs. J. L., August 14, 2008)