Therese Döllinger

Erz Mountains – Griepenkerl – Döllinger – Rast, Auf der hohen. Therese Döllinger as Bärbchen in Gustav Griepenkerl’s play at the Royal Theater, Berlin. Glazed colored lithograph printed with tone plate after a photograph by R. Marowsky for Louis Veit, Berlin. (1859/60.) 9⅛ × 5⅞ in (23.1 × 14.8 cm). – Sheet 46 of the Lipperheide set Ucd 19 on light cardboard.

“ Since a few years member of the Royal Court Theater at Berlin Therese Döllinger has already obtained an excellent position; both by her innate graceful talent and the persistent diligence by which the young actress, following the intentions of the author, treats her task … All these merits asserted themselves quite particularly in her performance of Bärbchen in Griepenkerl’s folk play from the miner’s life: ‘Auf der hohen Rast’ in the Erz Mountains … The picture shows the graceful actress in such a modest-plain position and yet with such tender-eloquent expression as this just belongs to the beautiful characteristics of Therese Döllinger. ”

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„ nachdem die wunderbare Stangenabwurf-Folge (Wintter’s Aufsezen oder wachstum des Hirschgeweihes hiesiger Lieferung) nun meine Wand ziert, habe ich zwei (Desiderata-)Bitten an Sie. Es fehlt mir … Können Sie mir behilflich sein? “

(Herr C. R., 28. Januar 2015)