Stockmann, Landscapes 1

Stockmann, Johann Adam (c. 1700 – supposedly Augsburg 1783). The Landscapes with the Peasants. Set of 4 sheet in engraving by Jakob Wangner (Wagner; c. 1703 – supposedly Augsburg 1781). Inscribed: Jak. Wang. fec. / I. A. Stockman(n), inv. et del. / (publishing) No. 156. / Ioh. Georg Hertel, ex. A.V. / 1 (to 4). 8-8⅛ × 11¾-12 in (20.3-20.5 × 30-30.4 cm).

Stockmann, Landscapes 2

Atmospherically worked set of splendid chiaroscuro with small architecture and sparse figure accessories – including rider with dog & shepherd with sheep coming home – and rocaille arabesque as inwrought lower edge. – Strong impressions on buff paper with margins laterally 3.5-5.5 and above/below 0.8-2 cm wide. – Small continuous double spot in the white part top right of sheets 1 & 2.

Stockmann, Landscapes 3

Stockmann, painter, draughtsman and engraver in Augsburg, where he married about 1720, is recorded by Nagler as Johann Adolph as then also Thieme-Becker refer to a sketch at Basle signed “J. Adolf [!] Stokhman”. Worked especially, often together with Wangner, who also engraved after Ridinger, for the Augsburg publisher Johann Georg Hertel I (1760 still alive) or II.

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Stockmann, Landscapes 4

“ Received the (original Ridinger printing) plate yesterday. Much Thanks from a satisfied customer. You are a True Gentleman … All the Best! L… F. ”

(Mr. L. A. F., November 5, 2003)