The  Examination

Smith, A. The Examination of a Village School. The important day at the country school. While the rest of the class devote themselves to their slates or fun two boys and girls resp. stand on a pedestal before their judge. But examinees as teachers look quite satisfied with each other and have no reason to be ashamed neither before the superintendent nor the many parents. Lithograph. C. 1830. Inscribed in the stone: A. Smith fec., otherwise as above. 18½ × 22⅜ in (47 × 56.7 cm).

Splendid  figure-rich  large  plate  in a very fine impression of rich chiaroscuro. Some thin spots in the light cardboard mainly in the wide white margin. Here also a small replenished defect in the paper just as two little backed tears.

Rare  and  much  wanted 

Examination of a Village School

as  all  school  depictions , especially  of  such  an  impressing  size .

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(Herr K. v. F., 16. Dezember 2008)