Woman from Leipsic, 1592

From  the  Century  when  the  Fair  went  on

(Leipsic, Woman from.) 1592. Colored wood engraving heightened with gold. (1877-84.) 8⅛ × 5½ in (20.5 × 14 cm). – Lipperheide Ad 46. – Leaves for the Knowledge of Costumes NS. 201.

Traditional costume from the century when the fair went on. For the “Leipsic Fairs (developing from the early markets) … obtained only a larger importance when in 1507 Emperor Maximilian I vested the city with the right of staple and depot” (Meyer’s Convers.-Lex., 4th ed., Leipsic 1889, X, 665/I). And in 1711 Leipsic surpassed the older Imperial Fairs of Frankfort on the Main.

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(Herr G. K., 25. Dezember 2011)