Gaetano Gherardo Zompini, Coal Carriers

Zompini, Gaetano Gherardo (Nervesa 1700 – Venice 1778). The Coal Carriers. Three coal carriers walking one by one, and a fourth one aside with their highly filled baskets on the back in front of houses at a canal with a small gondola. Each of the men with slouch-hat and a large stick as support. Etching. 10¾ × 7½ in (27.2 × 19.2 cm).

Beall I 36; Lipperheide Jba 24. – Sheet 8 of Zompini’s Venetian street cries “Le arti che vanno per via nella città …”. – With Italian three-liner. – On smooth wide-margined Italian laid paper.

From the 60-sheet 2nd edition of 1785 – the 1st edition of 1753 recorded by Beall in 1 copy only contained just 40 plates – and present here in one of the impressions determined for the foreign market of supposedly the early 19th century, characterized by the additional typographic English version of the verses mounted below the etched original one :

“ We, black as you see us, to carry out coals / Are the only two partners, a licence enrolls; We sell coals of all sorts, and the best of such stuff – Of this business of ours, there’s always enough. ”

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„ … wartete das (Eulen-)AHA auf mich … Das Foto von den Waldohreulen(-Jungen in Ihrem Garten) fand ich sehr gelungen, es fügt sich nahtlos in die Stiche ein. Ein wenig beneide ich Sie, denn mir (als aktivem Waidmann) war es bisher nicht vergönnt, diese Tiere in freier Wildbahn zu erleben. Niemeyers Garten ist tatsächlich ein heimlicher Wildpark “

(Herr P. D., 1. Juli 2015)