Paul Gavarni, La paix a tout prix

Gavarni, Paul (= Hippolyte G. S. Chevalier, Paris 1804 – Auteuil 1866). La paix a tout prix. Madame selfconfidently selecting a pipe from the rich assortment of the dealer. Pipes à 1 sou, à choisir. Lithograph. 9⅜ × 6⅞ in (23.8 × 17.5 cm).

Politique des Femmes XV. – From Charivari with the text on the back. – Beside Daumier – with whom he has hardly anything in common though – Gavarni is one of the main masters of French illustration in the 19th century:

“ … between 1837 and 1847 the famous series were published, which show G. at the height of his ability: … Politiques des Femmes … The public was delighted by these witty daily reports, this ‘comédie de meurs contemporaine’ which received a special spice by the risqué, epigrammatically pointed caption, of which G. said that his figures themselves dictated them into his pen ”

(Hans Vollmer in Thieme-Becker XIII [1920], pp. 296 ff.).

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