Hermann Hendrichs as Demetrius

Demetrius – Hendrichs – Demetrius. Hermann Hendrichs as Demetrius in Ferdinand Gustav Kühne’s drama after Schiller’s draft at the Royal Theater, Berlin. Glazed colored tone lithograph after a photograph by Lutze & Witte, court photographers in Berlin, for Louis Veit, Berlin. (1859/60.) 9 × 5¾ in (23 × 14.7 cm). – Sheet 25 of the Lipperheide set Ucd 19 on light cardboard.

“ Hermann Hendrichs belongs to the artists who, with clear conception of their duties, bring these in equally well-devised manner into formation … He understands to impart to the ‘common life’ a touch of the extraordinary … However, in a nobler manner the higher poetical tasks which the classic masterworks present to him take shape under his treatment. In this the artist’s intellectual merits are supported in rare beauty by his outstanding, brilliant gifts of nature: the wonderfully sonorous organ … the mimic power … then the plasticity which the artists develops in a manner as one has seen developing only under the creating chisel from shining marble … ”

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