Oriental Knife-Grinder

L’Emouleur. The Oriental knife grinder in front of his workshop at the grindstone. Around village life, including chatting men, one of them smoking his feet-long pipe. Engraving by Legrand et Voisard, probably after Conté. End 18th/beginning 19th century. 10¾ × 15⅝ in (27.3 × 39.8 cm).

ARTS ET MÉTIERS II, pl. XXV, 1. – Lower margin trimmed close to the platemark, but unessential for much white plate margin. Upper right the platemark is pressed in sharply for some cm.

Extraordinarily  fine  impression  of snow-white freshness with excellent chiaroscuro effect. – With the not absolutely complete drystamp of Charles Louis Fleury Panckoucke (1780-1844) in Paris, who continued the publishing house established by his father, Charles Joseph P., since 1798.

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“ Arrived March 16. Beautiful, very pleased; impressed with your entire process. Thank you so much. Best regards ”

(Mrs. P. A. C., March 17, 2017)