Golf - After Lunch

Golf – After Lunch. Two golfers smoking cigars. Opposite to them others with the caddie with the golf flag. Coloured book illustration by Frank Reynolds (London 1873 – 1953). (1932?) 3¾ × 4⅛ in (9.5 × 10.5 cm).

Osterwalder 885. – “We’ve got this for a possible half, Partner – rather a forgone hope, eh?” “My dear chap, aren’t you thinking of a forlorn conclusion?” – Verso: “Whatever will you do, grandpa, when you’re too old for gardening?” “I expect I’ll start golf. But I hope I shan’t live as long as that.” The young lady with club. 3¾ × 4⅛ in (9.5 × 10.5 cm). Not coloured.

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„ vielen Dank für die schnelle Zusendung des Buches ‚Der Ahorn‘. Ich freue mich insbesondere, weil dieses Buch mein Opa geschrieben hat und es somit für mich eine große Bedeutung hat. Viele Grüße aus Berlin “

(Frau U. C., 7. Juni 2004)