Smith, John Thomas (1766 London 1833). Hard Metal Spoons. Hartlötige Löffel feilhaltender Straßenhändler. Radierung. Monogramm., bezeichnet. 18,9 x 11,2 cm.

John Thomas Smith, Hartlötige Löffel

Beall E 49; Lipperh. Gcb 12; Kat. Ausstellung Bremen, 1976, Nr. 39. – Blatt 20 der um 1819 geschaffenen und 1839 erschienenen The Cries of London … Itinerant Traders of antient and modern Times, copied from rare engravings, or drawn from the life. – Zu Smith siehe Nagler XVI, 529 f. + Thieme-Becker XXXI, 174.

Angebots-Nr. 8.629 / EUR  86. (c. US$ 99.) + Versand

“ … I was digging and I found you. I needed to tell you that your collection for whatever reason has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you … I’m not a collector, or I haven’t known myself to be … I was going to sell this (sheet), but I just may have discovered that I’m to keep this for whatever reason. Have you made a collector out of me … For all your devotion, hardwork … I thank you ”

(Mrs. D. H., June 17, 2002)