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Gert Biese, Zwei ruhende Frauen

Biese, Gert (Karlsruhe 1901 – Tübingen 1980). Zwei ruhende Frauen. Farb-Holzschnitt. Bezeichnet in Bleistift: Zwei ruhende Frauen (51/60) / Gert Biese (19)60. 45 x 60 cm.

Nr. 51/60 Abzügen auf leichtem Karton. – In der Nachfolge Picassos.
Angebots-Nr. 14.167 / EUR  424. / export price EUR  403. (c. US$ 572.) + Versand

“ Stumbled upon your excellent website while researching Ludwig Beckmann, and must say that I was most impressed. In any case, since you are the closest I know to an authority on antique German books and prints I am wondering if you could help me pinpoint the origin of a piece I have in my dachshund collection … ”

(Mr. & Mrs. J. L., August 14, 2008)