Edward Prentis, Amelia awaiting the Return of her Husband

“ The  Pioneer  of  Mezzotint  Engraving  in  America ”

Prentis, Edward (Monmouth 1797 – 1854). Amelia awaiting the Return of her Husband. The table set, the meal kept warm at the fireside, the young woman standing at the window. In short, the scene to chapter 5 of book 10 of Henry Fielding’s Amelia. Mezzotint by John Sartain (London 1808 – Philadelphia 1897). Inscribed: Painted by E. Prentis. / Engraved by J. Sartain., otherwise as above. 8⅛ × 5¾ in (20.5 × 14.7 cm).

Sartain, first active in London and settling down in Philadelphia in 1830, is regarded as

“ the  pioneer  of  mezzotint  engraving  in  America ”

(Hugh Chisholm, Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th ed., XXIII [1911]), but also designed vignettes for American banknotes. The monuments of Washington and Lafayette likewise designed by him were destroyed in the mid-1950s when the Monument Cemetery was leveled. Cf. Leisching p. 80. – Trimmed within the white platemark.

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