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Molijn, Pieter de (London 1595 – Haarlem 1661). Dune Landscape. Left by the path property beneath high trees. With busy and chatting figurines. Aquatint printed in brown by Cornelis Apostool (1762 Amsterdam 1844). 1792. 8½ × 11⅞ in (21.7 × 30.1 cm).

Pieter de Molijn, Dune Landscape

Rare  sheet  after  the  oil  in  the  Fitzwilliam-Museum  in  Cambridge

(since 1834; here in reverse and without the little man and the rod resp. at the sides, which, so Hans-Ulrich Beck, perhaps were painted over in the time of Apostool). – The wide margins slightly foxing. – Bernt (1969) :

“ The later undulatory dune landscapes, hollow ways, farms, and inns below trees are similar to the early works of J. van Goyen. Compared with these his landscape themes are more many-sided. ”

And Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Dec. 13, 1988 :

“ Pieter de Molyn belongs beside van Goyen, the elder Ruysdael and Esaias van de Velde to those Dutch painters, who

about  1630  established  the  modern  landscape  painting .”

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“ Stumbled upon your excellent website while researching Ludwig Beckmann, and must say that I was most impressed. In any case, since you are the closest I know to an authority on antique German books and prints I am wondering if you could help me pinpoint the origin of a piece I have in my dachshund collection … ”

(Mr. & Mrs. J. L., August 14, 2008)