Early  Representation

Antonio Tempesta, Fiestas de Toros

of  the  Spanish  National  Sport

Tempesta, Antonio (Florence 1555 – Rome 1630). Fiestas de Toros. The stations of the bull-fight in the arena as instructive didactic piece. In front as left-hand main group a bull with richly decorated banderilla in the back attacked by a lancer, separated by a barrel from the espada swinging for the coup-de-grâce. Right beside a done torero. Staggered up to the densely populated grand-stand further lancers and two bulls, the foremost kept at distance by the swinging espada by a two-wheeled axle, while a banderillero swings a second baton. The back one, outright bristling with banderillas, one burning, chasing three lancers, one of them still aiming at him. Left of this as center piece richly figured vehicle, camouflaged with head mask with banderillas in the eyes, additionally burning ones in the side holes. Laterally left set back a phalanx of further lancers & toreros. Etching by or for Claes Jansz. Visscher de Jonghe (1586 Amsterdam 1652). (1639.) 3⅞ × 5½ in (9.8 × 14 cm).

Schwerdt II, 251 (“proof impressions”). – On fine, wide-margined laid paper with typographic watermark as presumably countermark to the coat-of-arms watermark of several further sheets of the set present here. – From the second part of the 32-sheet set of the Aucupationis Multifariæ Effegies Artificiosissimé depictæ et inventæ ab Antonio Tempesta Florentino and present here as with Schwerdt in

early  impression  before  the  letter

with just the number “13“ on the right below within the subject from the collection “EK” not identified by Lugt with its small black round monogram stamp on the back (ligated, Lugt 3549, drawings and prints of the 17th to 19th centuries) as well as erroneous attribution to (Christoffel) v. Sichem – elsewhere complemented by “about 1550 – 1600 / Delft – Augsburg” – in pencil. – Contrary to most sheets of the set with but narrow platemark below.

The  thematically  as  extremely  rare  as  instructive ,

above  all  very  early  scenery , too ,

of chronologically at least great nearness to the culmination of bull-fighting under Philip IV (1605-1665, accession to the throne 1621; his portrait by Velásquez in steel engraving available here)

“ shows … a  kind  of  tank  which  was  used  in  bull-fighting ”


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„ da haben Sie ja wirklich eine interessante Bildquelle gefunden (Thoman von Hagelsteins Lehrstücke des Jagens). Solche Motive sucht man als Ausstellungsmacher, aber die Wiedergabe in Publikationen ist oft so schlecht … Auf jeden Fall würde ich für die Ausstellung gern die Abbildung zur Wolfsjagd nutzen, da hier mit dem Ziegenbock als Köder noch mal ein anderer Aspekt gezeigt wird.

Sehr selten und noch nie auf einer Abbildung von mir gesehen – die … (Thomann’sche) Igeljagd! Wenn ich davon einen Scan für mein Archiv bekommen könnte, wäre das ganz wunderbar!!! “

(Frau R. S., 14. Mai 2013)