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Wouwerman, Philips (1619 Haarlem 1668). Saddle Horse at the Oats Trough. Broadside to the right looking at the beholder. Below the trough the feeding bag. Etching by August Friedrich Winkler (Geyer/Saxony 1770 – 1807). Inscribed: A. F. Winkler f. / Phil. Wouwermans. 4⅞ × 6¾ in (12.5 × 17.3 cm).

Philips Wouwerman, Saddle Horse at Oats Trough


Printroom of the Royal Museums Berlin

with  both  their  collection  (Lugt 1606)  +  disposal  stamp  verso .

From Winkler’s 11-sheet set after drawings/etchings of Netherlandish masters ( “These sheets are treated very brilliantly”, Nagler). Here then, quite intimate, after the sought after Wouwerman who “influenced all of the later horse painting … exceedingly highly” (Bernt). As Nagler attests Winkler himself “drew horses and battle pieces masterly with the pen”. The great Rossmässler in Tharandt etched after those, perhaps after the Studies for Horse Draughtsmen published posthumously in 1810. – On buff paper untrimmed on two sides with margins 2-8 cm wide.

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„ Das Bild ist heute zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit eingetroffen … Für die reibungslose und prompte Lieferung dankend, verbleibt mit den besten Endjahreswünschen, freundlichst Ihr … “

(Herr K. v. F., 16. Dezember 2008)