Honoré Daumier, Pauvre France!

Daumier, Honoré (Marseille 1808 – Valmondois 1879). Pauvre France! … Le Tronc est foudroyé, mais les Racines tiennent bon! Just one single side sprout of the broken trunk puts forth like a scourge in the storm, only from this still some light radiates, but unchanged strong the roots stick to the old ground. Lithograph. (1870-71.) Monogrammed, otherwise as above. 9⅝ × 7⅝ in (24.5 × 19.4 cm).

Delteil 3843, III (of 3) with ills. of this state. – Careful impression on better paper without the text on the back and the Actualité series title.

Worked  in the great style of the final years, omitting all material and “accusing the wrong of the war in symbolic figures only” (Glaser).

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