Balassa, Constantin. Die Zähmung des Pferdes. Rationelle Behandlungsart der Remonten und jungen Pferde überhaupt und der bösen, verdorbenen und reizbaren insbesondere. (Taming the Horse. Rational Treatment of the Remounts and young Horses at all and the bad, spoiled, and irascible in particular.) With grandly printed

7  really  instructive  folded  lithographs

(8¼ × 12⅜ in [21 × 31.5 cm]). Vienna, Gerold, 1835. XIV, 467, 1 pp. Rubbed contemp. half leather with green-blue attractively illustrated lithographed orig. covers bound with. Green edges.

Huth 126. – A new edition was published in 1844. – Missing as well within the Bibliotheca Hippologica I. H. Anderhub dissolved in 1963 as 1999 within the Sarasin Collection. – Monogram stamp C. v. W. below prince’s hat on flying leave and upper cover. – Title and both the two following and the four final leaves differently foxing, otherwise mostly slight spots in places only, and generally of great freshness.

Textbook  by  a  brilliant  practical  man

and  determined  by  sensitive  great  expertise

( “Not the opinions, and not the second-handed experience, but the fruits of own thinking and practice which the author (cavalry captain in Austria-Hungaria) collected by many pains, sweat, and peril, even numerous heavy injuries (from made experiments)” ).

After general textbook (324 pages) as part 2 the “Treatment of the bad, spoiled and irascible Horses”. With the impression on being spoiled, “since there are no bad and irascible horses by nature”. By their wisdom and conclusive evidence the considerations and experiences downright transferable to the relation with animals as a whole.

Balassa  also wrote “The Shoeing without Force” (ibid. 1828), as “sensationally” translated into several languages, a theme literally burning under the hoofs at that time, though it had an early predecessor in Bouwinghausen von Wallmerode’s “Instruction to Shoe the Horses better and more advantageously than till now, together with Diseases of the Hoof and Ways to Cure them” (Stuttgart 1780).

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