Johann Elias Ridinger, Self-portrait in the Wood

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Self-portrait in the Wood. Sitting with palette and maulstick in front of the easel with the outline of a stag on it. Postcard in rotogravure after Thienemann XIX, 1 by O. Felsing, Charlottenburg (Berlin). C. 1900/20. 5⅝ × 3½ in (14.2 × 9 cm).

Unused “ARTIST POSTCARD” after the portrait with Jacob Brucker’s epitaph, inspired by Watteau’s double portrait with the friend and collector Jullienne in fine park scenery, and etched only posthumously by Martin Elias R.

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“ I am writing to you to have suggestion from you, the specialist of J.E.Ridinger. I am an art historian … ”


“ Thank you very much for quick response. Your suggestion is so helpful and can correct many erroneous captions which have been attached to the Ridinger’s prints in Japan until now … ”

(Ms. Y. K.-S., 19 + 22 December 2009)


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