Johann Elias Ridinger, Tiger

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Treacherously flattering Tiger. Recte supposedly a jaguar (Felis onca, Linn.), standing on a rock with half closed eyes, bowed ahead. Etching + engraving. (1738.) Inscribed: J. E. R. fec / N. 31., title in German as before. 7⅜ × 5⅞ in (18.7 × 14.8 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 421. – Sheet 31 (in later edition 49) of the instructive set Design of Several Animals ( “These plates are much wanted and frequently copied”, Th. 1856). – Marvelous, wide-margined impression of the 1st edition.

Offer no. 7,289 / EUR  202. (c. US$ 244.) + shipping

– The same colored by later hand in attractive fitting palette as quite unusual for original impressions of the first edition. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,729 / EUR  198. (c. US$ 239.) + shipping

A large selection of plates from this set available here

„ Best her Niemeyer, De prenten zijn vanmiddag in goede staat gearriveerd. Alleen al het uitpakken is een genot! Ze zien er prachtig uit (vooral The Idel ’prentice is een juweel) … Wat dat betreft, zijn eigenlijk alle prenten die u mij hebt toegezonde, van uitstekende kwaliteit … “

(Mijnheer P. E., 1. Februar 2008)


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