Johann  Elias  Ridinger

Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767

Johann Elias Ridinger, He guides and is guided in turn (Tracker)

Representation of the Fair Game

with their Tracks and Traces,
Goings, Get-offs, Turns, Flight,
and other Signs more added … drawn from Life


Currently  available  copies  of  the  complete  series

  1. In proofs before the numbering
    grangerized with an additional worldwide unicum :
    The Lion Copy
    as the deviating AUTHOR’S COPY
  2. The first edition of the final state :
    The Otter Copy with book & printing plate

… as  well  as  individual  plates

  1. Ducitur ducit(ur)que vicissim
    (The Tracker — He guides and is guided in turn)
  1. The mark(s) on soft ground are the following …
    (Trace of the Stag)
  2. Trace of a Game or Deer
  3. Trace of the Fallow Deer
  4. Wolf Track
  5. Trace of an Ibex
  6. Trace of a Chamois
  7. Trace of a Hare
  8. Trace of a Beaver
  9. Trace of an Otter
  10. Trace of the Wild Tomcat
  11. Trace of a Marten / Trace of the Weasel
  12. Trace of the Polecat / Trace of the Squirrel

Johann Elias Ridinger, Tracks and Traces

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